It's a Red Letter Day for us!

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A Red Letter Day is any day of special significance or opportunity. And it’s this meaning that helped us come up with a name for our business...the business we are officially launching today! We want to help you turn any occasion - including both the mundane or extraordinary - into something of special significance. We believe that a thoughtful gift plays a critical role in celebrations big and small and we hope to play a role in your celebrations for years to come.


The root of the meaning of a Red Letter Day started in classical antiquity when important days were indicated in red in a calendar dating from the Roman Republic. The practice was continued after the invention of the printing press, including in Catholic liturgical books and is the reason why many calendars still indicate special dates and holidays in red instead of black.


Whether it’s Christmas, or a random Tuesday in April, we plan to keep the bubbly chilling as part of our role in helping you celebrate! We will regularly be updating the content on our site to help you plan for and celebrate occasions big and small. We don’t want you to miss anything so plan to check back often because we will be adding new Gift Guides based on upcoming holidays, adding more personality types and switching out gifts often. We want to hear from you, too, so sign up with your email address and drop us a line using our contact form. If there’s anything you feel Red Letter Gift is missing, please let us know.